A Muslim man alleges assault by religious fanatics for expressing his desire to adopt Hindu Dharma

Editorial comment

Won’t the secularists or the progressives utter a single word about this ? Or they don’t feel the necessity of promoting secularism in such cases ?

Kanpur (UP) – Aslam Ali, residing in the Karnalganj Police station area, was brutally assaulted for expressing his desire to become a Hindu. Aslam Ali filed a complaint in the Police station against this assault. The concerned individuals have been charged by the Police. However, the Police have declared the man to be mentally ill. (How can the Police call an individual willing to adopt Hindu Dharma by giving up the Muslim religion ‘mentally ill’ ? Or are the Police mentally ill ? BJP being the ruling party, Hindus do not expect such mentality of the Police in Uttar Pradesh. The Government should teach a lesson to such Police. – Editor)

Aslam said, “People in my locality harass me a lot. A youth named Mohammad Ali has brutally assaulted and troubled me many times. Now I don’t wish to live as a ‘Jihadi’. My neighbours are insisting on me to remain a Muslim, but I wish to become a Hindu and run my business. I will either become Hindu or I will leave this place and go somewhere else.”

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