Indiscipline in the Indian Military caused the helicopter crash : China’s mouthpiece GT spews venom

Editorial Comment

China should realise that its attempts to demoralise the Indian Military and citizens with false accusations will never succeed.

Beijing (China) – Once again, China’s mouthpiece Global Times criticised India’s Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat’s helicopter accident. The Daily said that the helicopter accident, which caused the death of India’s Chief of Defence Staff, exposed the indiscipline of the Indian Military and put question marks about war preparedness and modernisation plans of the Indian Defence forces. In the article, General Bipin Rawat is referred to as anti-china. It also said that backwardness is India’s big enemy and not China.

The article further states that the accident could have been averted by postponing the helicopter take-off until the weather improved, or the pilot had carefully and skillfully handled the flight and technicians had taken proper care of the helicopter.

In the article, one analysis claimed that this is the problem of the whole Indian Military. India’s Military always provokes China on the border. If war takes place in reality, India has no chance against the Chinese military.

The article claims by quoting one analyst that the Indian forces lack discipline, and many times Indian defence forces do not follow procedures and codes. In 2019, an airplane caught fire, and in the year 2013, the submarine explosion was due to human mistakes.

The article claims that the death of Bipin Rawat has considerably hampered the Indian Defence force modernisation programme. After the death of Rawat, the Government’s control over the unruly defence forces may loosen, which may cause unintended situations at borders.