Provide one lakh rupees compensation to each of the four innocent Muslims for arresting and torturing : Order of Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission

Case of throwing cow’s head in the RSS office

Editorial Comment

In many cases, Hindus are arrested and tortured, and after that, they get acquitted by Courts. How many of those get compensation from Human Rights Commissions and States. But compensation to religious fanatics is given instantly. Is it not discrimination ?

Madurai (TN) – In a case of throwing cow’s head in the RSS office, Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission ordered compensation of 1 lakh rupees each to four arrested Muslims. The incident took place in 2011. The Popular Front of India had provided legal aid to the suspects.

The Commission stated that the Police had arrested the youth illegally and tortured them. Even after these youth conveyed that they were innocent, they were tortured. Commission also recommended action against Police personnel involved in it.

A committee was formed to conduct an inquiry in the case. The committee report said that the suspects were tortured. While issuing the order, Commission has quoted the committee report.