The attempts of Railway authorities to brand and demolish a 50-year-old Shri Chamundeshwari Temple in Bengaluru as unauthorised has been thwarted by united Hindus

Editorial comments

  • This is a fine example of what Hindus can acheive if they are united. Realise that the Administration and the Police do not dare to demolish even the unauthorised religious structures of Muslims as they always protest and are united.
  • Action should be taken against the Railway officials who attempted to demolish a Hindu Temple and trying to prove that it is unauthorised.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Hindu organisations demonstrated against the Railway officials who came to demolish the Shri Chamundeshwari Devasthan, located 200 meters from the Cantonment Railway station in Vasanth Nagar. After this, the Railway officials assured them that the Temple will not be demolished. Mr Mohan Gowda (Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), Mrs Mangala Gauri (Social worker), Mr Krishnamurti (from the Devasthan), Mr Punit Kumar (of Bajrang Dal), Mr Suresh Jain (of Hindu Mahasabha) and a large number of devotees participated in the demonstration.

Hindus protesting

At around 11 a.m. devout Hindus and Hindu organisations opposed Railway officials, Railway Police and local Police who had arrived at the Temple. Mr Mohan Gowda said, “The Temple is 50-years-old. Railway officials are its Trustees. Daily worship is being performed in the Temple. In the blueprint of the land, this place is marked as ‘Land of Devasthan’. The Temple has an official electricity connection. There are some other official documents too. Hence, the Temple should not be demolished under any circumstance. We strongly oppose the demolition attempt. The Temple should be protected. We will fight a legal battle to save the Temple”.

Hindus protesting

The Hindus reported that this place was earlier given to Nilkanth Deshi Kendra Muth by the kings of Keladi. There are documents of this. For the past 50 years, Navaratri is being celebrated here, and on every ‘Amavasya’ (New-moon day) food is offered to in the Temple. The Railways had permitted building a Temple here. The Temple does not cause any hind-rance to people, roads and railways. It was, therefore, demanded that the Temple be declared authorised.