A giant meteorite will crash into the Earth’s sea !

Nostradamus’s prophecy for the year 2022

Coastal cities will suffer greatly !

After the catastrophe in 2022, peace will prevail in the world !

New Delhi – The world-renowned French astrologer Nostradamus wrote thousands of prophecies five centuries ago, many of which have come true. His book contains a total of 6,338 prophecies. He has also predicted for the year 2022, which says that a meteorite (giant rock) will fall into the sea on Earth, causing huge waves to rise in the sea. This will cause huge damage to the coastal cities due to rising sea levels. He has mentioned that peace will prevail in the world after the catastrophe in 2022.

Nostradamus further said,

In 2022, inflation will increase significantly. The value of the US dollar will fall. People will begin to perceive gold, silver, and crypto currencies (bitcoin, etc.) as wealth. People will start investing more money in this and this is the reason that will destroy the earth.

In 2022, the explosion of an atomic bomb will change the climate. In addition, the position of the earth may also change.

The world will be in darkness for 72 hours before climate change. Snowfall may occur in the mountains in autumn. A natural disaster will end the war within many countries. After the world will be in darkness for 3 days modern life will cease to exist.

A big crisis will occur in France in 2022. There will be a great storm in the country, which will bring destruction. This will lead to severe fires, droughts, and floods in many parts of the world. The world will experience large-scale starvation.

In 2022, the computer brain may control humans. Robots will bring an end to mankind.

A large explosion may happen during a missile test in the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Menorca.