Some people raising slogans of ’Jai Shriram’ are demons : Outrageous words of Senior Congress leader Rashid Alvi

Editorial comments

  • Rashid Alvi should clarify who are the people, under the name of Islam, carrying out terrorist activities in the name of Mohammad Paigamber !
  • Alvi should also explain which is the Congress party that claims Shriram is a myth ! 

Sambhal (UP) – Not all the people raising the slogans of ‘Jai Shriram’ can be sages. Nowadays, some people chanting ‘Shriram’ are not Saints but demons, said senior Congress leader Rashid Alvi in ‘Kalki Mahotsav’. The ‘Kalki Mahotsav’ was organised by the Congress leader Pramod Krishnam.

Rashid Alvi narrated a story from Ramayan in his speech. He said, “While Hanuman was on the way to bring the “Sanjeevani” after Lakshman was injured by the arrow at the time of the battle in Lanka, Ravan had sent a demon to stop him. Sitting on a place, he was singing the praises of Shriram. Looking at that, Hanuman stopped but recognised that he is a demon. That time he killed that demon. Same way, even today some demons are chanting the name of Shriram. (When will Alvi tell us who are those killing other people by raising the slogans of “Allah O Akbar” ? – Editor) They are chanting the name of Shriram without taking a bath. (There are no restrictions for chanting a Deity’s name in Hindu Dharma. It would be better if Rashid Alvi, who is speaking just for the sake of making statements with no knowledge of Hindu Dharma, publicly speaks about the backward customs prevailing in his religion. – Editor) Hence, I pray, that Kalki soon incarnates and destroys the criminals.

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