Sanatan’s Seat of faith, Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s Mahanirvanotsav

Bhajans of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj and their implied meanings are a sacred treasure for seekers & devotees ! – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Balaji Athavale (Disciple of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj)

H.H. Baba’s yearning for Guruseva, bhav for the Guru, teachings on Spirituality, etc. are all expressed in His bhajans !

Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj (H.H. Baba) and bhajans are as good as synonyms. Standing before His Guru, H.H. Baba would sing bhajans for hours together. After reaching the level of a Guru, His bhajans became a medium of advising the spiritually curious and preaching to His devotees. While imparting knowledge through His bhajans, H.H. Baba sung them in an exceptional manner to the music composed by Him, and as a result, besides Nadashakti (Divine Energy in the sound) they contain Chaitanya too.
Shri. Chandarakant Dalvi

On the day of ‘Gurupournima (23.7.2021), a Holy Text was published by Sanatan Sanstha – ‘The devotional songs sung by Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj and their implied meanings (Volume 1)’, which are full of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). The implied meanings of the devotional songs in this Text have been written by (Late) Chandrakant Dalvi, a devotee of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj, with the help of his daughter, Mrs Ulka Bagwadkar. Two more Volumes of this Text will be published soon.

On the occasion of Mahanirvanotsav of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj, some views of His disciple and the Founder of Sanatan Sanstha, Dr Jayant Athavale are given ahead besides gratitude for Shri. Dalvi.

1. Uniqueness of the devotional songs composed by Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj (fondly addressed as H.H. Baba) used to say, “Bhajans (Devotional songs) are my life !” His intense yearning for Guruseva (Service unto His Guru), His immense bhav (Spiritual emotion) for the Guru, His teachings on Spirituality, etc. are all expressed through the devotional songs He composed. The devotional songs are composed by a highly evolved Saint like H.H. Baba, and are therefore, they are full of Chaitanya. Seekers and devotees get various spiritual experiences through these and therefore, H.H. Baba’s devotional songs are a unique, eternal and blissful treasure.

2. The invaluable Guruseva performed by Shri. Chandrakant Dalvi for the current series of Texts

Some devotees of Parabrahmaswarup Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj had the great fortune of spending time with Him. One such devotee was (Late) Chandrakant Ramkrushna Dalvi (Dada Dalvi). Dada Dalvi was a beautiful combination of Bhaktimarg (Path of devotion) and Jnanmarg (Path of knowledge).

Dada Dalvi always used to ask H.H. Baba or try to understand the implied meanings of His devotional songs; H.H. Baba used to provide their explanation. Dada Dalvi made additions to the implied meanings through his writings, arranged them systematically as per the relevant points and presented everything in a simple and flowing language.

H.H. Baba wrote most of His bhajans as per His spiritual state at the time of their composition. It becomes easy to understand the meanings of the bhajans when we understand His spiritual state. Dada has explained the spiritual state of H.H Baba with many of His bhajans. Therefore, it has become easy to understand the meanings of His bhajans.

In some bhajans, Dada has provided apt elucidation on Spirituality, which has helped understand the subjects mentioned in the bhajans in a better manner. In this way, the series of Texts on bhajans composed by H.H. Baba and their implied meanings has been prepared and the current Text is the first in this series.

Isn’t it a immense Guruseva performed by Dada Dalvi out of his intense yearning that seekers and devotees understand the implied meanings of H.H. Baba’s bhajans ! This shows Dada Dalvi’s spiritual maturity and progress in spiritual practice.

3. Gratitude

This Text on the implied meanings of bhajans could be prepared only due to Dada; therefore, I express gratitude to Dada Dalvi on behalf of all seekers and devotees. Dada Dalvi’s daughter Mrs Ulka Bagwadkar gave us Dada Dalvi’s writings and the opportunity to publish these in the form of a Text; therefore, I express gratitude even to her.

4. Offering the Holy Text at H.H. Baba’s feet

Only with H.H. Baba’s grace could this Text be published through devotees; therefore, I express gratitude at the Holy feet of H.H. Baba with bhav and offer this Text at His feet.

– Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale (A disciple of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj)