A woman who opened a ‘Halal’ free restaurant in Kerala assaulted by unidentified people

Religious fanatics protest against the opening of another branch of the restaurant

Editorial Comment

It is shameful that a businesswoman was brutally assaulted under the CPI (M) Government in Kerala. Why are human rights and other women’s organisations silent in this matter ?

Ernakulam (Kerala) – “No Halal, Halal Bakshanam Nishidham”, proclaimed the board of Thushara Ajith’s restaurant named Nandus Kitchen. She was attacked and brutally assaulte

d on 25th October. Thushara had opened this restaurant in January this year in which only halal-free food items are served. They had put up a board outside saying, ‘Halal food is prohibited here.’ So, many Muslims objected to their restaurant. Tushara was about to open another branch of the restaurant. Hence, she started receiving threats from religious fanatics.

BJP State President K. Surendran has expressed his protest on Twitter. He said that this incident is instigated by the Taliban. I call upon the people of Kerala to boycott ‘Halal’.

What does ‘Halal’ mean ?

Ravi Ranjan Singh, Chairman of ‘Jhatka Certification Authority’, said that in Indian religions like Hindu, Sikh, etc. animals are killed by the ‘Jhatka’ method. In this, the neck of the animal is cut at once. Due to this, the animals suffering is less. In contrast, in the Halal method, the jugular vein of the creatures is cut and it is left to bleed to death. While sacrificing these creatures, their face is kept in the direction of Mecca. Also, this work is not given to non-Muslims. Today companies like McDonald’s and Licious are selling only Halal meat. Along with this, many products made from such meat are also sold.

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