A group of Anti-Hindu actors always hurts the sentiments of Hindus : BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde

Hegde wrote a letter to the CEAT company about their anti-Hindu advertisement

         Editorial Comments

  • Hindus should teach a lesson by boycotting movies and products advertised by religious fanatic actors like Aamir Khan, who only provide unsolicited advice to Hindus but never utter a word about the bigotry of their religion.
  • What right the actor has to talk about Hindu Festivals who says “Feeling unsafe in India ?”

Bangalore (Karnataka) – Movie actor Amir Khan advised people not to burst firecrackers through CEAT Tyer advertisements. On this, BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde has objected and criticised Aamir Khan.

Regarding this Member of Parliament, Hegde has written a letter to the CEO and Managing Director of CEAT, Anant Vardhan Goenka, requesting to take notice of the advertisement. “Nowadays, a group of Hindu actors always hurt the Hindu sentiments whereas they but never speak try to expose the wrong doings of their community.”

In this letter, Anant Hegde has written,

“Dear Shri Goenka, Your company’s recent advertisement in which Amir Khan advising people not to fire crackers on the streets is giving a very good message. Your concern to public issues needs applause. In this regard, I request you to address one more problem faced by people on roads, i. e., blocking roads in the name of Namaz on Fridays and other important festive days by Muslims. It is a very common scene in many Indian cities where Muslims block busy roads and perform Namaz. At that time, vehicles like ambulances and firefighter vehicles are also struck in traffic causing grave losses.

I also request you to highlight the issue of noise pollution in your ads. Every day, loud noise is emitted from mikes arranged on the top of mosques in our country when Azan is given. That sound is beyond the permissible limits. On Fridays, it is prolonged for some more time. It is causing great inconvenience to people suffering from different ailments and taking rest, people working in different establishments and teachers teaching in classrooms. Actually, this list of sufferers is very long and only a few are mentioned here.

As you are very keen and sensitive towards the problems faced by the general public and you also belong to the Hindu community, I am sure you can feel the discrimination done to the Hindus since centuries. Nowadays, a group of Anti-Hindu actors always hurt the Hindu sentiments whereas they never try to expose the wrong doings of their community. Therefore, I kindly request you to take a cognizance of this particular incident where your company’s advertisement has created an unrest among the Hindus. I hope in future your organization will respect the Hindu sentiment and will not hurt it directly or indirectly by any means. Thank you and Happy Deepavali !“