The Central Govt should increase diplomatic pressure on Bangladesh : VHP

Issue of attack on Hindus in Bangladesh

New Delhi – Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) staged demonstrations outside the Bangladesh High Commission’s office to protest against attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh. VHP requested the Central Government to increase diplomatic pressure on Bangladesh to curb atrocities against Hindus in that country.

VHP stated on the occasion,

The genocide of Hindus is going on in Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh. The United Nations have closed their eyes towards this issue. The way Hindus are being eliminated in Bangladesh, it will soon become a Hindu-less country.

Hindus are facing atrocities right from the inception of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina Government of Bangladesh encourages terrorists. Bangladesh has not tried to stop these things; moreover, they have threatened India.

Bangladesh is a constitutionally Islamic country. All Islamic countries have similar characteristics. Minorities are driven out of those countries. If you want to move towards progress, you will have to change your image. Bangladesh will have to become a secular country and extremists will have to be controlled in time. If Sheikh Hasina is not able to do it, she can ask for help from India. We will help as we did in 1971.

Declare Pakistan as an enemy country – Demands VHP

Pakistan is trying to spread terrorism through a few separatist factions in Kashmir when it is on the path of development; therefore, India should declare Pakistan as an enemy country and impose a ban even on India-Pakistan cricket matches.