Arson and vandalism continue in Bangladesh, 12 Hindus killed, 17 missing, 23 women raped, and 160 puja-pandals and temples burnt

A spate of attacks on Hindus by religious fanatics in Bangladesh

  • Editorial comments
  • Had such incidences happened with the minorities in India, the secularists, progressives, Hindu-hater Indians and Western media, the entire world, Islamic countries and their organisations would have pounced on Hindus, declared India a ‘Taliban State’ and demanded stringent action. Unfortunately, no one has uttered a single word concerning Bangladesh. India too has adopted Gandhian-mentality.
  • In 1947, at the time of partition Hindu genocide had happened at Noakhali. Mohandas Gandhi had started fast demanding Muslims to put down weapons. Realise that the situation has still not changed even today !

The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor

In the recent attacks, 9 Hindus viz. Manik Saha from Hajiganj in Chandpur; priest Jatan Saha of Chowmuhani in Noakhali; Nimai Krushna of ISKCON temple and one more priest; 3 priests of Ram Thakur Ashram; Prashant Das in Comilla and one Hindu in Ramu Durga Mandir at Cox Bazar were killed.

Temples in Comilla District like Nrusinha Dev Mandir; Dashabhuja Kali Mandir; Rhushipara Mandir; Rajeshwari Kali Mandir and 14 other temples and ‘puja pandals were attacked, damaged, and burnt.

In Chatgaon District, 15 ‘puja pandals’ were destroyed and Kali Mandir was attacked.

Noakhali’s  ISKCON Mandir and ten other temples including the Ram Thakur ashram were damaged and burnt down. 9 temples were attacked at Chowmuhani. 5 temples were attacked at Nalchira. 20 houses were also set on fire. All houses owned by Hindus were burnt at Chayanibazar, Begumganj, Chowmuhani, and Sonaimuri.