Fresh attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh : 40 people injured

Temples looted and vandalised, vehicles burnt

Crude bombs used for attacks

Editorial Comments

  • The reality is that the Government and Police in Bangladesh have drastically failed to stop the attacks on Hindus and India has been inactive in the matter.
  • Swatantryaveer Savarkar had devised a plan that ‘Where Hindus are in minority, and they get attacked; then Hindus who are in  majority would act so that the minority Hindus would be protected. Does the Bangladesh Government wish Hindus to take such steps ?

Chattogram (Bangladesh) – The Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council has tweeted about the incident of attack on Hindus and temples by religious fanatics in Feni village on 16th October. Along with it, the organisation has also posted a video of fanatics attacking the Hindus. ‘The situation is tense due to the incident’, the Council said.

The council has said that a few days ago Hindus in Feni village were protesting against the attacks on Hindus at Noakhali and other places when they were attacked by religious fanatics.

Fanatics ransacked the Kali temple there and looted the temple property. Vehicles were burnt. The Police fired tear gas shells to control the situation. 40 persons were injured in the attack.