Properties of Hindus in Kashmir becoming encroachment free is the main reason behind attacks on them !

Editorial comments

  • Jihadi terrorists do not want Hindus to resettle in Kashmir. This clearly shows that the terrorists do have a religion !
  • Secular Hindus must realise that Political parties, Muslim and Christian organisations in the country who want Kashmiri Hindus to be rehabilitated in Kashmir, should have openly condemned such attacks; but in reality, this has not been seen in the last 32 years.

Srinagar (J&K) – Tensions have risen again in Kashmir after two Hindus and two Sikhs were killed by jihadi militants in Srinagar in the last four days. It is being said that an ongoing attempt to solve the encroachment on Hindus’ properties is the main reason behind these attacks on non-Muslims.

After 1989, millions of Hindus fled Kashmir due to the terror of terrorists. Their property was encroached upon by local Muslims. Now after repealing Article 370, a website has been launched by the State administration. This website allows Kashmiri Hindus living anywhere in the country to complain about their encroached property. The administration is taking action on the complaint and freeing up the property.

A senior official of Jammu and Kashmir said that every District has encroached properties. With 1,000 complaints, Anantnag has the highest number of complaints so far. In one case, more than 5 acres of land was encroached upon. Now this land has been freed. In most cases the encroachers are neighbours. (Why are those who say ‘Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai’ silent about this ? – Editor) In some cases, land mafias are active.

Sandeep, an officebearer of the Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti, said it was not just Hindus who had to flee. Many Sikhs and Muslims were also forced to flee. Their property should also be returned. (Isn’t it suicidal for Hindus to make such a demand when it is known to the world that Kashmiri Hindus had to flee due to the religious fanatics ? – Editor)

Srinagar District Collector Mohammad Ejaz Asad said a total of 660 complaints were received in the District. Out of these, 390 complaints have been resolved. In 16 cases, it was seen that land was transferred in the name of others by altering the revenue documents.