The people of Nepal took to the streets, protesting vigorously against the Chinese encroachment

Editorial comment

China will not budge by such protests. Instead, Nepalese should pressurise the Nepal Government to take a stand against China.

Kathmandu (Nepal) – People of Nepal protested against China opposing the encroachment. Demand was made that China should stop its expansion on Nepal’s land and return the encroached land. Slogans such as, ‘China should return our land’, ‘China go back’, were given by protesters. 200 people took part in the agitation organised by the Democratic Youth Forum in Kathmandu.

According to a report, China has started construction on Nepal’s land and has so far constructed 12 to 15 buildings. These buildings have been constructed by encroaching on their land and the Nepali people have demanded their immediate removal. Due to this, conflicts often erupt between Chinese and Nepalese citizens. Nepalese citizens have taken a stand to prevent Chinese nationals from entering.

Nepal’s Prime Minister Sheikh Bahadur Thapa has set up a committee to look into the matter. The committee will report to the Government on the encroachment by China in the Humla area of ​​Nepal.

Earlier, the KP Oli Sharma-led Government had claimed that there was no encroachment from China. That Government also had appointed a 19-member committee. But even after that, the Chinese aggression continues and it is becoming difficult for Nepali citizens to live in this area.