Congress activists vandalise Kapil Sibal’s house

Sibal passed a remark about the Party’s presidency

Congress leader Anand Sharma criticised the hooliganism

Editorial comment

This is the mentality of the Gandhian Congress. They have revealed once again that dictatorship and oppression are rampant within the Congress which brags about democracy to others. Such a Congress has no right to talk about Gandhi and democracy.

New Delhi – After Congress leader and former Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal remarked on the Party’s presidency, party workers staged a protest outside his residence in New Delhi. Congress leader and former Union Minister Anand Sharma condemned the incident and urged Sonia Gandhi to take action against the hooligans. Sibal had commented that Congress does not have an elected President. ‘Who is making the decision ? We don’t know’ he said. He also demanded that a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) be convened.

Tweeting about the incident Anand Sharma said “Shocked and disgusted to hear the news of attack and hooliganism at Kapil Sibal’s house. This deplorable action brings disrepute to the Party and needs to be strongly condemned.

Congress has a history of upholding freedom of expression. Differences of opinion and perception are integral to democracy. Intolerance and violence are alien to Congress values and culture.” Therefore, those responsible must be identified and disciplined.