Dismantling the ideology of Anti-Hindus


It is necessary to understand that the acceptance of Hindu Dharma & philosophy is increasing all over the world today !


Intellectual bankruptcy of those who try to ‘Dismantle’ Hindutva globally stands exposed

The latest and best example of ‘some good comes out of the bad’ is the Conference of secular, liberal, socialist ‘scholars’ from all over the world who came together with the common objective of ‘Dismantling Hindutva’ on a global scale. In this Conference called ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’, held from 10th to 12th September 2021, these scholars showed their ‘profound knowledge’ about Hindu Dharma to the world. In most countries of the world, Hindu society is a minority among the minorities. There these upstarts felt the dread of ‘Global Hindutva’ and came together to dismantle Hindutva. From this, the level of their knowledge was already exposed.

Appreciation from anti-Hindus

In this Conference, ‘scholars’ explained why Hindu Dharma and its supporters are the best people in the world, even if indirectly. On the 2nd day of the Conference (11th September), Dr Banu Subramaniam said, “Where Christian fundamentalists oppose science, Hindu nationalists advocate science. Hindus are hatching a horrible conspiracy by combining Hinduism with science, progressivism and conservatism, Eastern and Western philosophies”. This is absolutely nonsensical. Accepting the positive aspects of every ideology in today’s age is called ‘leadership’. Critics of Hindutva are accepting that Hindus are ahead in respects. It is necessary to understand that the acceptance of Hindu Dharma, Hindu philosophy and Scriptures is increasing all over the world today. Thousands of people today are abiding by Hindu Dharma. This ‘scholar’ (Dr Banu) is afraid of this phenomenon, and therefore, she is looking at the role of Hindus with suspicion.

Many Hindus today criticise Hindu Dharma out of ignorance and consider it a blessing to blindly imitate the Westerners. They too should understand what this scholar is saying and study it in the correct way to experience the superiority of their own Dharma. It is important to note that the conscience of what to learn from others and what to ignore, is created in Hindus through spiritual practice and abiding by Dharma.

Ideological confusion

The Conference mainly discussed fictitious concepts such as ‘Brahmin domination’, ‘Arya-Dravidian conflict’, ‘Arya invasion theory’, etc. They surprisingly discovered that Hindutva is a conspiracy hatched by upper caste Hindus !

Also, since the announcement of the Conference, its organisers and supporters repeatedly said that they are not ‘opposed to Hindu Dharma’ per se but to the ongoing ‘conspiracy’ called ‘Hindutva’ for its use as a political tool. Basically, if we look at the history of all these anti-Hindu elements, we can find that they have never praised Hindu Dharma. On the contrary, in one way or the other, they are in competition with each other in making baseless allegations against Hindu Dharma and its followers. Therefore, to say that there is no opposition to Hindu Dharma is completely false. Some speakers in the Conference even averred from the dais during their speeches.

Akanksha Mehta said, “I emphasize, without hesit-ation, that Hindutva is inseparable without Hinduism. And arguments that Hindutva is not Hinduism are deeply dangerous & will not lead us to the future we want”. In all this ideological confusion, BJP leader and devout Hindu Kapil Mishra shed light on what is Hindutva. He said, “The essence of Hindutva lies in the berries Shabari first tasted before offering to Shriram. Hindutva is the self-restraint of Shriram, the penance of Sita, the devotion of Hanuman, the power of Lakshman and the word of King Dashratha. Hindutva is the truth and eternal science. The deeper you go, the more it will be known. The higher you go, the more you will be connected with Hindutva !” But, who will explain this to the directionless ideological terrorists who are deeply prejudiced ? In short, the ideological confusion of this Conference has exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of all the ‘rationalist’ scholars and dismantled their ideological stand.

On the other hand, crores of Hindus today are living in ideological confusion due to lack of education on Dharma. It is important to note that the Hindus on the fringes are victims of vicious propaganda of these anti-Hindus. Therefore, providing education on Dharma to Hindus is essential. To oppose this Conference, many devout Hindu organisations all over the world tried to create awareness through around 50 programmes. From this, Hindu devotees realised the importance and power of their strength and expansiveness of their organisation. This is the first time in modern times that such a large show of ‘global’ unity of Hindus was witnessed to protect Dharma. This experience will continue to inspire Hindus. Therefore, this Conference proved to be a blessing in disguise for Hindus. After the anti-Hindu rhetoric against Hindus, now it is necessary for the devout Hindu activists to work hard to make the Hindu unity stronger.

O’ Hindus ! Let’s strengthen Hindu unity and be committed to establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, moving beyond our position, party, sect, organisation, etc.

One reason why anti-Hindus are afraid !

Hindu women have captured formal space in education. Further, these women are creating narratives, officiating in seminars and conferences, expressing themselves on social media and so on. Women are playing a key role in the Hindu nationalist movement.