Liberate Kashmir from the Islamic enemy – Al-Qaeda’s plea to the Taliban

Editorial comments

  • Terrorists and their organisations certainly have a religion and that is why they unite under the Islamic banner, this plea proves it. Establishing Hindu Rashtra is the only option to stop such terrorists.
  • India should tell these terrorists that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Hence, no matter how many such Islamic terrorist organisations unite, they will not get Kashmir.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – The jihadist terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda while wishing The Taliban after the full withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, appealed for the liberation of other Islamic lands including Kashmir from the Islamic enemy.

The victory was with Allah’s help

(How many Hindus feel such gratitude over winning something ? Even if some Hindus express their gratitude to their Deity in this manner, realise that it will be termed as so bigotry in secular India. – Editor)

Al-Qaeda’s congratulatory message to the Taliban has been titled, ‘Happy freedom is given to the Islamic people in Afghanistan by Allah. The message read, ‘O Allah, liberate Levant, Somalia, Yemen, Kashmir and other Islamic lands of the world. Get rid of the enemies of Islam. O Allah, bring freedom to Muslim prisoners around the world. Almighty Allah only humiliated and defeated America. All these incidents prove that only Jihad will bring victory. This victory with the grace of Allah will pave the way to save the Muslims from the slavery of the West.