Looking forward to maintaining cultural, political, economic and trade ties with India : Taliban

Editorial comment

  • India never has cordial relations with terrorists, India should give a loud and clear message to the Taliban.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – India is a country of great importance to the Indian subcontinent. We have to continue our cultural, political and economic relations with India in the same manner as before. We attach due importance to our political, economic and trade relations with India and we desire to continue this relationship in the same way.

This is the first official statement given by Taliban’s leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai that it is looking forward to work with India. Stanikzai joined the Dehradun Indian Military Academy in the 1980s for training as cadets of the Afghan army. When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 1996, he was the Deputy Foreign Minister.

We will not get involved in the border dispute between India and Pakistan

The border dispute between India and Pakistan has been going on for the past several years. This is their internal problem. Afghanistan will not involve in their disputes, Stanikzai made it clear. Stanikzai also clarified that they will not allow any country to use their land. No one will use Afghanistan for internal fighting. They can fight on their borders.