Taliban and RSS are alike : R Dhruvanarayan (Executive President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee) Spits Venom

Editorial comments

  • If the RSS had been like the Taliban, would Dhruvanarayan have dared to openly speak like this ? Does RSS have weapons like the Taliban has ? Does RSS ever oppress or kill people ? Congressmen stoop to such low levels out of their hatred for devout-Hindu organisations. Hindus should show Congress its ‘right’ place !
  • Congress is accused of being responsible for killing thousands of Brahmans after Gandhi’s assassination, and later, for killing 3,500 Sikhs after Indira Gandhi’s murder. Congress is no less than the Taliban ! Why does Dhruvanarayan not talk about these aspects ?
  • Congress is accused of killing thousands of Brahmans after Gandhi’s assassination. It is no less than the Taliban !

Mysuru (Karnataka) – “I had compared the RSS with the Taliban. RSS is run based on Dharma and the Taliban is also doing the same thing. Therefore, I compared RSS with the Taliban. Let BJP and RSS strongly oppose, I will not take back my statement”, said Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee Executive President R Dhruvanarayan while talking to reporters that he was firm on his statement because women have no representation in the RSS. (An advocate leader of the Congress has been accused of sexual exploitation of a lady advocate; another leader had used disgraceful words while talking about a woman activist of his party. Do these Congressmen have any right to make accusations against others when there are several accusations against them ? – Editor)