Thousands of Afghans crowd Kabul airport to flee the country fearing the Taliban terror

Stampede outside Kabul airport, 7 Afghans die

Editorial comment

  • Why are the Human Rights Organisations and Islamic countries keeping mum on what is happening in Afghanistan ? Or they do not mind the oppression of Muslims by Muslims ?

Kabul (Afghanistan) – A large number of people had gathered at the airport leading to a stampede, which resulted in the death of 7 Afghans. Afghan citizens are living under terror ever since the Taliban have taken over power. People are trying to leave the country and thousands of Afghans are crowding the airport.

1. Britain’s Army informed about the stampede; saying that the situation is tense in Afghanistan. Efforts are being made to handle the situation safely and everything required for the same is being done.

2. A special plane of the Indian Air Force brought 87 Indians back to Delhi early morning. The Indian Air Force also brought 168 citizens from Kabul in its C-17 plane. Presently, the US Army is present at the Kabul airport and they have granted permission to India for flights daily. The US is also bringing back American citizens from the Kabul airport.