Sanskrut is a very scientific language !

– H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha (June 2021)

H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha (Age 87) pursued PhD in Aerospace engineering from IIT Bombay. He is a professor of international repute. After retirement from an elite career, inherent curiosity in Indian culture led Him to study the subject in-depth. He has written 11 books on Indian culture, Spirituality, Sanskrut, etc. Here, we reproduce His profound thoughts.

My question about the language policy of our Government

Around the years 1940’s, students (I know about Uttar Pradesh) were forced to study two languages – English and Urdu in junior classes up to the 10th standard. This system was very easily working and there was no fuss of any kind. Now most of us wish that Sanskrut be taught in schools.

Our Government is finding it too difficult to do so for no obvious reasons. Sanskrut is a very scientific language which deals with a variety of subjects that may exist in this world. It is most shameful that Sanskrut could not find its due place even after 74 years of ‘Transfer of Power’ by the British.
The modern generation feels very proud that they are very logical (scientific), but why are they most illogical in the matter of language ?

– H.H. Dr. Shiva Kumar Ojha (June 2021)