Muslim sculptors are Deity Vishwakarma’s descendants

Claims BJP MP Ram Chander Jangra

Muzaffarnagar (UP) – All the sculptors are descendants of Deity Vishwakarma. Uttar Pradesh does not only have Hindu but Muslim sculptors as well. Babar did not come to India with sculptors. The Middle East cannot have sculptors. Iran and Iraq only have dunes, how can sculptural art develop there ? Minerals cannot be found there, only oil is available, said BJP MP and Magasa Ayog member Ram Chander Jangra. He was talking at a felicitation event in Rampuri.

Jangra further said that all Muslim brothers are Deity Vishwakarma’s descendants. For some reason, they might have had to convert religions. I have studied history and I am aware of such reasons, he said. There are many things just for the sake of discussion, but one thing is clear – when efforts are not acknowledged and respected, the achievement is not respected, then the individual blames religion. It was not only done by Muslim sculptors but also by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. He had to say, “I might have been born Hindu, but I won’t die Hindu”. He was a Barrister and an economist. He did not receive the respect he deserved in society. The same thing must have happened with Muslim sculptors. Because they did not get the deserved respect, conversion was the outcome. (Now they are receiving respect, so why don’t they come back to Hindu Dharma ? Hindus feel that Government should also provide facilities and security to all such individuals.. – Editor)