Christian Pastor arrested for using rabid hate speech against PM Modi, Amit Shah, and others

Till now, we came across lustful Pastors, but now we are also seeing Pastors who are hostile, harbour hatred, and use hateful language. Will the progressives and atheists say something about it ?

Kanyakumari (TN) – A Roman Catholic Priest George Ponniah was arrested for using rabid hatred speech and creating negativity against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and others.

Ponniah is a Priest and consultant to NGO Jananyaga Christhuva Peravai Amaipu. He had also made bad comments against Hindus while talking at an event in Arumanai, Kanyakumari. Police acted after they received complaints when his speech videos were propagated. Previously, he had apologised for his speech. He also promoted Dravida Munnetra Kaghazam a few months ago during the Vidhan Sabha elections.

George Ponniah’s offensive statements –

  1. I can give it in writing that Narendra Modi’s last day will be pathetic. If God that we pray to is alive, then history will see that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s decaying bodies will be eaten by dogs and insects.
  2. Ponniah said that State’s BJP Member of legislative assembly M.R.Gandhi does not wear footwear because he does not want to hurt Bharat Mata, but we wear footwear so that we do not get sick and get dirt on our feet due to Bharat Mata.
  3. The victory of Dravida Munnetra Kaghazam in Vidhan Sabha is actually due to begging to Christians and Muslims.
    (Disclaimer : Pastor Ponniah’s these statements are published not to hurt someone’s feelings but to provide factual information)