Information on Wikipedia is highly unreliable and favourable to communist ideology

Serious allegations by Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger

Editor’s Comment

  • Communists have a history of inflicting immeasurable damage on the field in which they set foot. Realising that communism is dangerous for the world, it is now necessary to make a global effort to eradicate it.

How does Wikipedia work ?

The Wikipedia website contains extensive information about almost everything in the world. This website is run by contributors from around the world. Any user can change any information by opening an account on the website, but it requires proper reference and the information added must get confirmation from experienced contributors. However, Wikipedia has been taken over by left-leaning contributors.

Larry Sanger

London (UK) – Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger has made serious allegations about the authenticity of the online encyclopaedia. He said, ‘Wikipedia can no longer be trusted as a source of unbiased information since the online encyclopaedia’s left-leaning volunteers cut out any news that does not fit their agenda’. His interview in this regard has been published on the website in the UK.

1. Sanger said, ‘he agreed with the assessment that ‘teams of Democratic-leaning volunteers’ had removed the content that was not to their liking, including information about scandals linked to President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Had such information been mentioned, the Democratic Party would have suffered losses. It would have directly benefitted the then President of the United States and the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump’.

2. Sanger also said, ‘Wikipedia is full of communist-minded volunteers, and any content that is critical of this ideology does not get published’.

3. Millions of people today blindly trust Wikipedia content. People seem to use this website extensively for obtaining any information. It is estimated that this site is viewed more than six billion times each month. It is the fifth most-read website on the Internet.

4. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales. However, Sanger left the firm a few years later. Earlier too, Sanger had accused Wikipedia of being influenced by communist ideology.