A play denigrating Hindu Deities will be premiered in ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ in Scotland

Strong objection from the devout Hindus in USA and UK

  • It is a shameful scenario that Hindus from other countries have to protest against such denigration of Hindu Deities, while the Central Government and Hindu organisations in India remain mute spectators
  • Government of India must ask Scotland to stop the premier of the play denigrating Hindu Deities and warn against any similar move in the future.
  • If such denigration of other religions takes place, their respective countries strongly object; however, none of the Indian Governments have protested against the denigration of Hindu Deities in foreign countries, in 74 years of post-independence.

Nevada (US) – A play named ‘Hindu Times’, which involves denigration of Hindu Deities, will be featured in Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland. The festival will take place on 20th and 21st of August 2021. The aforementioned play denigrates Hindu Deities Deity Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Lakshmi stooping to very low level and ridicules Hindu customs and traditions. Devout Hindus from the US and the UK have heavily criticised and objected the premier of the play.

  • President of US-based organisation ‘Universal Society of Hinduism’, Mr. Rajan Zed, has demanded to the organisers of the festival to cancel the premier of the play. Zed also appealed the sponsors of the festival to review their decision.
  • Nandini Singh of ‘Rich India’ organisation in the UK has also demanded cancellation of the premier.
  • Kuldeep Shekhawat of ‘Overseas Friends of BJP’ has also appealed the organisers to cancel the play.
  • According to the ‘Guardian’ newspaper, ‘Hindu Times’ feature characters of Deity Brahma, Shri Vishnu, and Shri Lakshmi as hedonists and shows them using vulgar speech.