Priests in temples


India is a secular country. However, this secularism is implemented only in the case of Hindus, while other religions are seen to be behaving fanatically while the Government and administration are seen to be on their knees before them. Even though Hindus are in majority in the country, they have been kept comatose for the past 74 years with the sedative of ‘secularism’. Those who are supposed to awaken Hindus and create love and pride for Dharma are also trying to achieve their political interests by taking to hypocritical secularism.

Against this backdrop, those are trying to awaken Hindus, not out of fanaticism but out of pride, and demand abiding by Hindu Dharma are getting silenced and labelled as ‘Sanatani’, ‘Fascist’, ‘Talibani’. Many Hindu organisations are trying to fight the assaults on Hindus. The Central Government is also helping them because of the current political situation. Even then, it cannot be denied that no one appears to be carrying out the mission for Dharma as expected by the Scriptures.

In 36,000 Government-managed temples in Tamil Nadu, non-Brahmans as well as women will now be appointed as priests. Such a decision has already been taken in Kerala and at the Shri Viththal-Rukhumai Temple in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. Necessary action in this regard has also been initiated. This decision was opposed to some extent by devout Hindu activists and their organisations in the respective States. Eventually, the decisions were implemented after a Court order.

Wisdom is always sacrificed at the altar of power. The BJP, which opposes this decision in Tamil Nadu, did not appear to have tried to overturn the decision while in power in Maharashtra. On the contrary, a demand for such appointments was raised at Shri Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolhapur and was ultimately fulfilled. However, it has not been implemented as yet. Therefore, no matter how much Hindus and their organisations oppose such assaults on Hindu Dharma, no changes appear to be taking place. When people from whom some action is expected also surrender to the system, there is more frustration.

The Government takeover of temples is similarly wrong. Although it has been opposed by Hindus, it is being supported by political parties.

Scriptures should be followed

It is clear that there is only hatred towards Brahmans in the removal of Brahman priests from temples. If some rights given to Brahmans by Dharma have been abused by a handful, how can the entire Brahman community be held guilty for it ? How can secularists, who aver ‘not all Muslims are jihadi terrorists’ say ‘all Brahmans are bad ?’

Employees and officers are appointed in four categories in private establishments or in Government departments. No one has ever opposed this. This system has been around for decades. It should not be wrong to say that this system has been made according to the caste system of Hindus. If any officer or employee misbehaves, action can be taken against him. Due to the fault of one person in the office, another from a different category cannot be appointed to carry out the duties of the accused person. The same point can be applied to a person who has been appointed as a priest. According to Hindu Scriptures, Brahmans are given the right to perform all rites and rituals of Dharma. If the conduct of one is not appropriate, action may be taken against him. However, to act against the Scriptures just out of hatred for Brahmans would be very wrong and a violation of Scriptures. This is being practised currently in Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This must be opposed by devout Hindus. It is not a question of caste-hatred or caste system, it is a matter of Scriptures, and Hindus have the right to it. No Government or political party should try to interfere.

Although India is a secular Democracy, it is important to remember that the Constitution also bestows religious freedom to everyone. If anyone interferes, it is called dictatorship. It should also be noted that such interference is not seen anywhere in the context of religions other than Hindu Dharma. Although there have been several cases of madarasas producing terrorists, why has a decision not yet been taken by the State Government to appoint teachers there ? Why do the secularists and progressives not make such demands ? We know of cases of sexual abuse of nuns and children by priests on a large scale in foreign countries and in some places in India. Why no demand is made that the Government should appoint Pastors in the church, or why does the Government not try to do so on its own ?

It is well known that the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Government in Tamil Nadu and the Communist Government in Kerala are anti-Hindu. It is equally clear that all actions by such political parties will be against Hindus only. Therefore, the decision to appoint non-Brahman priests in temples is undemocratic. Is this not a violation of constitutional rights and is this not a racism ? This is why, to prevent such incidents from taking place and check such anti-Hindu political parties, it is necessary for Hindus and their parties to unite and establish a Dharma-based ‘Hindu Nation’ in the country. If this does not happen, anti-Hindu political parties will go to the extent of appointing members of other religious communities in Hindu temples in the name of secularism tomorrow. Already temple money is being spent on other religions. Realise that the temples may be placed under their possession tomorrow !

Temple money is spent on other religions. Realise that the temples may be placed under their possession tomorrow !