The issue of unauthorised loudspeakers on mosques is not limited to noise pollution, it is ‘Land Jihad’ to drive away Hindus : PIL in Bombay High Court

Mumbai – “Kapadianagar (Kurla) in Mumbai was inhabited by 50% Hindus. Unauthorized loudspeakers were installed on several mosques and the call to prayer in a very deafening voice was started. Tired of the constant distress, Hindus sold their houses to Muslims and left. Today, only 3% Hindus are left there. This is deliberate driving away of Hindus. Therefore, the issue of unauthorised loudspeakers being installed on mosques is not only limited to noise pollution, it also a planned ‘Land jihad’ to drive away Hindus”, said Mr. Santosh Pachalag who had filed a petition against unauthorised loudspeakers on mosques. He was speaking at an Online special webinar organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on ‘Azaan from loudspeakers : Constitutional or Unconstitutional ?’ The programme was viewed by 8,200 people on Facebook and YouTube.

Mr. Pachalag added, “Winning petitions against unauthorized loudspeakers on 45 mosques in Navi Mumbai is just the beginning, and we have filed contempt petitions in the High Court against 3,200 unauthorized loudspeakers in the State. The fight is on. The rulers will not stand by us unless Hindus increase their united participation because they just run after groups. For this, we have to create a united force of Hindus”.

Mr. Neeraj Atri (of ‘Vivekanand Karya Samiti’ from Haryana) said, “The azaan we hear – hardly anyone knows what it means. It is said in the Azaan that ‘Allah is Supreme. I testify that no one else in this world deserves to be worshipped except Allah’. This message is heard five times a day across the country. In a way, this is an insult to the Hindu Deities and a way of hurting the religious sentiments of non-Muslims. Action should be taken against people who spread such messages”.

Adv. Virendra Ichalkaranjikar (National President of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad) said, “Hindus in all places should come together in the fight against unauthorized loudspeakers. This group should lodge a Police complaint with emergency number 100 and through social media ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’. Complaints should be lodged with the National Green Tribunal, District Collector, etc. Under the Environmental Protection Act, a person who causes noise pollution can be punished with five years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 lakh. These laws should be used by us”.

Mr. Sandeep Ahuja (President of ‘Akhand Bharat Morcha’ from New Delhi) said, “Unauthorized loudspeakers on mosques are being used as a weapon to call for jihad. The Police do not take cognizance of complaints against unauthorized loudspeakers. I went to the National Green Tribunal against unauthorized loudspeakers on 10 mosques in Delhi. Since there was a Muslim judge there, he first tried to pressurise me to withdraw the petition. However, due to our strong legal position, he had to accept the petition. Since he did not give the expected decision, we had to approach the Supreme Court”.