Covid situation in Nepal may become worse than India

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Covid-19 infections in Nepal are rising daily. Cases are skyrocketing, hospitals are overwhelmed, and the country’s Prime Minister is pleading for help from other nations. According to experts, the situation could become worse than India if not controlled in time.

  1. Nepal is now reporting about 20 daily Covid-19 cases per 1,00,000 people – about the same number as India was reporting two weeks ago. Last weekend, 44% of Nepal’s Covid tests came back positive.
  2. The spokesperson of Nepal’s Health Department Dr Samir Adhikari said, “Only a month ago, this nation of 31 million people was reporting about 100 cases a day. Now, it is more than 8,600. Rising infections have terrified Nepalis citizens”.

India blamed to be the reason behind the surge

Some have blamed the rising infections on India’s raging second wave spilling into Nepal, which shares long, open land border with its neighbour. ‘In recent weeks, some Indians have fled their country’s second wave, hoping to access health care in Nepal or escape to a third country’, Adhikari said.