Seeker’s thoughts with spiritual emotion, about some lines in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s poem – 

Mr. Virendra Pandurang Marathe

O’ seekers, you have won, I have lost !

In 2006, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, you said through a poem – O’ seekers, you have won, I have lost that,

A. ‘Had I been in your place, I would have left Sanatan Sanstha.’

Param Pujya Doctor, even we get this thought infinite number of times, we cannot leave You. You only create in us the strength and motivation to bear these distresses happily.

B. ‘In Kaliyug, it is required to go through Pitruyan (Note) way. The way of Pitruyan is via Patal (Hell region).’

Since You are with us, the way via Patal also seems like a way decorated with flower beds. (Note – Way to God via Saptapatal – 7 lower negative subtle-regions of the Universe.)

C. ‘You are accepting everything such as blindness, unconsciousness due to the attacks of negative energies happily.’

D. ‘Powerful negative energies that are attacking relentlessly have lost, and O’ seekers, you have won.’

Negative energies are losing due to Your spiritual love for seekers and You are winning, because you are ‘Jayant’ !

E. ‘We are the first passengers of the Pitru-yan I We need to overcome Sapta-Patal and progress beyond it.’

We received the honour of becoming the first passengers due to You only.

F. ‘We need to take seekers who are blind, deaf, dumb and disabled with us and fight in the physical as well as the subtle dimension and progress.’

You only are generating in us the perseverance and persistence required for this and taking us ahead.

G. You had said – ‘Let us pray to God to Incarnate soon’. However, Your Incarnation was revealed by Maharshi; so now we say – ‘We are praying to Paratpar Guru, let the Divine Kingdom form soon’.

H. In the end You said, ‘O’ seekers, you have won, I have lost’.

Param Pujya Doctor – हरलात, म्हणूनच हरि झालात ।(He ‘Lost’, hence, reached the state of Deity Shri Vishnu)

 – Mr. Virendra Pandurang Marathe, Sanatan Ashram, Goa.