Islamists issue pamphlets asking Marwaris to leave Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, AIDMK Government is in power and BJP is supporting it. Still, how can the religious fanatics dare to issue such threats to Hindus ?

This goes to show that a sinister conspiracy is being newly hatched to divide the communities in Hindu Dharma and target them one by one. Therefore, Hindus must unite and oppose this. Also Hindus should force the State and Central Governments to take action against such organisations.  

Chennai – After threatening BJP leader Kalyanaraman with murder, Islamic organisations in Tamil Nadu have started a hate campaign against the Marwari community in particular and North Indians in general accusing them of ‘goading’ Kalyanaraman. Tamil Nadu BJP leader Kalyanaraman who is outspoken about issues regarding Islamists was arrested based on Muslims’ complaint that he demeaned their prophet in a speech. Even after his arrest, Islamists couldn’t hide their blood thirst and are openly advocating for his murder as per Sharia (Muslim law) in public speeches whipping up frenzy among the crowds.

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Under the guise of protesting against Kalyanaraman, Islamic organisations are spearheading a hate campaign against the Marwari community in Trichy. Some Muslims distributed pamphlets in a lane in Trichy where the majority of the shops are owned by Marwaris. In the pamphlet the shopkeepers were asked, to shut their shops on 8th February. The pamphlet demands that Marwaris leave TN and go back to their ‘native place’. It accuses them of ‘funding BJP’ which is trying ‘to foment communal unrest’.

It claims that Hindus, Muslims and Christians are living like brothers and sisters in TN but BJP is trying to create unrest by ‘spreading hate’ in society. It says that if there is any violence due to this and public properties get vandalised, then the Marwari community should take responsibility and the Government should collect compensation from them.

BJP cadre protested against this hate campaign and sat in protest with Marwaris and North Indian communities, demanding that Tamizhaga Makkal Jananaayaka Katchi (Tamil People’s Democratic Party i.e. TPDP) must be taken to task for spreading hate.

Last year in January, Tamil Desiya Katchi (Tamil Nationalist Party) took up a campaign that Marwaris should be sent out of TN as they are grabbing the job and business opportunities of Tamils. Also in last January, a shopkeeper Dinesh who runs a shop in Ritchie Street, Chennai was attacked by 80 Muslims who threatened to kill him for distributing pens with the words ‘we support CAA & NRC’.