Mosques are run by Muslims and churches by Christians, why Hindus don’t have the right to rule temples, asks K Surendran, BJP Kerala State President

Surendran should not stop at this statement only, he should press the Central Government to liberate Hindu Temples from the clutch of Government take-over. 

Thrissur (Kerala) –  Why the Hindus don’t have the right to run Hindu temples in Kerala, asked BJP state chief K Surendran while inaugurating Thrissur BJP District Committee meeting. In Kerala. Mosques are ruled by Muslims and churches by Christians. However, Hindus are not getting the same rights as other religions, he said

The Government here gave the Court the right to decide what the rituals at Sabarimala should be. The secularism imposed on the majority community is what other religions do not have. Leaders of both political fronts, leftist and Congress are reacting as if they have lost their mental balance.