Terminate all agreements with Amazon : Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad

HVP writes to Minister of State – Shri Hardeep Singh Puriji and Joint Secretary (UPA), Ministry of Housing and urban affairs

Why does the Government is needed to be asked to terminate all agreements with Amazon ? Why does the Government fail to realise it ?

Mumbai – ‘The Central Government should terminate all contracts, agreements made with Amazon and also issue directions to the States on the subject. The Government should pass an ordinance/ law to regulate the OTT Content. A committee should be formed to conduct a thorough inquiry into the clandestine objectives of Amazon’. These demands were raised by Adv. Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, the President of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad through a memorandum submitted to the Union Minister of State Hardeep Singh Puri and Joint Secretary (UPA), Ministry of Housing and urban affairs, New Delhi.

The memorandum states – 

A company named Amazon having various branches from selling groceries to selling movies, web series, Books, Audio books, etc. This is not a foreign company expanding its business in various markets in India and reminds us of ‘East India Company’ whose insidious activities ultimately culminated in our nation losing its independence to British Empire. What followed was the cultural, economic and brain drain. Even after 73 years of independence we are still trying to search and establish our own identity with a simultaneous and equally painful effort to remove the British identity stamped on us.

Amazon has a business of selling videos on its own ‘OTT’ platform which started in India somewhere around 2016. Though the OTT market is bigger than ever now, it is a matter of surprise and grave concern that India has not passed any law monitoring the content or censoring the content as done under The Cinematograph Act. According to some independent reports, this company raked in a revenue of more than Rs. 10,000/- Crore in FY 2019-20.

‘Amazon Prime Video’ available on www.primevideo.com is their OTT platform. It is notorious for web series and movies that have evoked an unsavoury response from large sections of the civilised society. Their offerings include – Tandav, Family man, Mirzapur Part 1 and 2, Madam Secretary, etc. There have been mass agitations, social media campaigns against Amazon’s  web series and videos. Even members of the Parliament have written to the Govt. on the issue.

Then there are numerous issues of Amazon selling products which are hurting religious sentiments. The government seems completely unaware of sensitive issues which are a part of anti-national propaganda taken up by foreign and anti-national powers as a part of subversion. On the contrary, the government has been signing MoUs with Amazon, helping it build its customer base and increase its income.

We have come across an agreement between the Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs (The Deenadayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission) and Amazon. With this agreement, the government is promoting sales on Amazon. This allows Amazon to sell products with the government assistance.

These directives have been passed by one Mr. Yogendra Singh, Director (NULM) to all ission Directors of the states and union territories for implementation of agreements with Amazon. It is pertinent to note that though, by this MoU, the government is not paying Amazon – it is generating income for Amazon, expanding the market for Amazon, giving a status to Amazon.

When the video content sold by the Amazon is unregulated (deliberately or otherwise) by which the majority religious community is repeatedly offended, people have to resort to agitating on roads and social media, first information reports are registered across the nation, is it not the bounden duty of the Central Government and public servants to look into the real intent of such a company ? Or are they feigning ignorance ? We have been coming across many international incidents where trade-wars are taking place. In response to Chinese encroachment into sovereign Indian territory, Chinese apps were banned by India and construction contracts given to Chinese companies were cancelled. China is blocking Australian goods for its anti-China stand.

A question arises as to why is India going soft against Amazon. Why is the government  neglecting Amazon’s anti-Hindu and dubious activities and promoting its share in the Indian market. This question has to be answered by the Government by taking necessary steps.