Matter of recommending posting Muslim employees in Muslim-majority areas

Revoke Sachar Commission & its recommendations : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti to Union Home Minister

Mumbai – Recently, the Ministry of Minorities in Maharashtra has recommended to the Central Government to keep only Muslim Police, teachers and health workers in Muslim-majority areas. This an unconstitutional demand, when the Indian Constitution states that India is secular and gives equal justice to all. From society’s harmony perspective, such a recommendation is not only discriminatory on the basis of religion and caste, but also undermines the integrity and unity of the country. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has sent a memorandum to Amit Shah, Union Home Minister opposing the recommendations of the State Government and demanding that Sachar Commission reccomendations be revoked along with its proposals.

The previous Congress Government deliberately formed the Sachar Commission and implemented its recommendations in India with the Muslim vote-bank in mind. This has been opposed by many parties including BJP and Shiv Sena. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opposed the recommendations of the Sachar Commission. The Gujarat Government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court in this regard.

Copies of the memorandum have been submitted to the President and PM. It further states :

The Congress Government, which has ruled India for the longest time since independence, has gone beyond ‘Sarvadharmasamabhav’ and has showered many facilities on the Muslim community. Today, due to the Sachar Commission, the backward, deprived or poor people of Hindu Dharma are being deprived of many benefits and facilities which the Muslim community as the minority is enjoying. This is a great injustice to the Hindus.

If the anti-national policy of appointing Muslim staff in Muslim-majority areas is accepted on the basis of Sachar Commission’s recommendations, the demand for separate constituencies for Muslims will start tomorrow. This will create a Partition-like situation, and it would not be surprising if someone again demands an independent State or countries like Pakistan-Bangladesh.

Therefore, there is a need to reconsider the recommendations of the Sachar Commission which have been accepted by the Government on the basis of a one-sided study. Many scholars have suggested that the Sachar report is controversial and inaccurate in itself.

Therefore, we demand that the Government take a firm decision and appoints a study committee on the Sachar Commission report to re-examine its provisions.

Congress Government formed Sachar Commission to implement recommendations with the Muslim vote-bank in mind !