Instructions for seekers and humble request to readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus

Do not fall prey to various misleading messages such as winning Online lottery, asking for ATM PIN and Aadhaar card number for bank transactions, and do not let yourself be deceived by such financial frauds and messages

It is noticed in society that citizens fall prey to many temptations and get cheated due to greed for instant and easy money. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have closed down and unemployment has increased everywhere. Taking advantage of this situation, some people are spreading messages, audios, links, etc. that a lottery of thousands or millions of Rupees has been won or prizes of valuable items have been won by you. Complaints of massive financial frauds are being lodged with the Police.

1. Misleading messages or audios are circulating in the media that an Online lottery or a prize has been won in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ : As a result of such messages, people are tempted that they have received a prize of a few lakh Rupees or won a luxury car like a BMW.

2. Pursuing to pay lakhs of Rupees to receive this lottery or car : People are then asked to pay a ‘processing fee’ amounting to a few lakh Rupees to exchange the currency, to receive the lottery or car. For this, people are asked for their Aadhaar card number, photo, bank account details, etc. This is followed by sending details of some bank accounts on the mobile and pursuing you to pay the amount by using various tricks, including giving the above reasons.

The amount is asked to be credited to the new accounts every time, depending on how the award-winning ‘customer’ responds, possibly without asking for the amount at one stage. It is noticed that many such cases have taken place. Recently, a citizen was forced to deposit more than Rs. 17 lakh in nine different bank accounts by claiming that he has received a prize in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

3. There is no guarantee of getting back the lost money even after filing a complaint with the Police against such fraud ! : People lodge complaints with the Police when they find out that they have been deceived by the lure of easy money or reward of valuables. The bank accounts in which the money is paid by the victims are checked, and it is noticed that the money has been withdrawn promptly from those accounts. This makes it clear that citizens are being cheated on a large scale.However, there is no possibility of legal action against these fraudulent gangs in the country and abroad as they are operating in a well-planned and technically sound manner. As a result, there is no other option than to repent, due to lack of vigilance.

4. Some citizens are asked in a very courteous voice for an ATM PIN number or Aadhaar card number for bank transactions, and through this, they withdraw money from victims’ accounts. Such frauds are quite common : Some people are contacted by strangers in a very courteous voice on the mobile. Strangers cleverly ask the concerned citizen for an ATM PIN or Aadhaar card number for a bank transaction. Ordinary citizens, unaware of this, fall prey to this talk and part with confidential information easily. It is later revealed that the amount was withdrawn from the citizen’s bank account. Even in such cases, there is no use in lodging a complaint with the Police as the accused are using various SIM cards under fake names. In fact, from time to time the banks warn account holders not to give out Aadhaar card or ATM PIN numbers.

5. Fraud by sending a link to claim a big prize and asking to click on it : Some people are lured with a gift of a car, a fridge, an LED TV, a large sum of money, or having been selected for a trip abroad and their tickets are being sent via a link. An appeal is made to click on the link to receive this prize. Clicking on this link exposes your personal and confidential information such as bank account details to strangers as they use modern technology. There are also cases of withdrawing money from the bank accounts of the concerned citizens without the knowledge of the account holder after obtaining this information. Even in such cases, no purpose is served by lodging a complaint with the Government-administration.

Therefore, do not fall prey to such frauds. Ignore and delete such messages immediately. Also, ignore the fraudulent phone calls and avoid financial loss.