AMU ‘Mini-India’ – PM Modi in AMU virtual meet

Some fanatics of AMU don’t subscribe to PM Modi’s views. There should be a provision to initiate legal action against such people.

Aligarh (UP) – While calling the Aligarh Muslim University ‘mini-India’ PM Narendra Modi said that the university imparts knowledge in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and Sanskrit. The library has copies of the Quran as well as Bhagwat Gita and Ramayan.  Praising the university he said that AMU is an Indian heritage and the research work on Islam undertaken in the university strengthens India’s relation with the Islamic nations. He was addressing the AMU as the chief guest of the university’s virtual centenary celebrations.

  1. Indian history is inscribed on the walls of the university. The alumni have increased India’s popularity in the world. Students from the university go abroad frequently where they proudly proclaim that they are from AMU. The university is a national treasure to which the nation’s educational history is attached.
  2. There can be ideological differences in society; but, when the objective of the nation is to achieve a singular goal, then all the differences should be swept aside. Irrespective of caste or religion, everyone should contribute in making the country self-sufficient. Many freedom fighters studying at the university kept their views apart while contributing to the freedom struggle. Politics is a part of society; but nation is aloof from power politics and society is larger than politics.