Former JNU student Shelha Rashid involved in anti-national activities – charges Shelha Rashid’s father

Wrote a letter to the police commissioner Jammu- Kashmir

  • Police must investigate these charges thoroughly at the earliest because the students and leaders with Communist ideology were also arrested from JNU. Especially when a father is levying these charges against his daughter, the matter is grave.
  • It’s difficult to open out on such matters especially against one’s own daughter. This act of Shelha’s father is praiseworthy.

Srinagar (J&K) – Ex-student leader of JNU Shelha Rashid’s father has levied charges against his daughter being involved in the anti-national activity. She is paid in crores, and this matter needs to be investigated. He claimed this in his letter to the Police Commissioner Jammu & Kashmir. He felt a threat to his life from Shehla and requested for the Police protection. Further in the letter, he alleged that his wife Zubaida, elder daughter Asma Rashid and security guard Sakib Ahmed of supporting Shelha in these matters. He also claimed that before joining Jammu- Kashmir people’s movement, she had accepted Rs. 3 corers from an industrialist.

  1. A case is registered against Shehla for her anti-national tweet in Sept.2019, where she had tweeted that people in the valley are tortured by the soldiers. Now, this complaint is lodged by her own father.
  2. Mr. Rashid said that his daughter suddenly entered politics in 2017. Initially, she was with National Conference: later, she joined JKPM. Engineer Rasheed and Zahoor Watli who were arrested for supplying funds to the terrorists had offered Shehla Rs. 3 corers for joining their party. In 2017, they had invited Rashid (Father of Shehla) to their residence in Srinagar. They were starting a new party and wanted Shehla to join that party for which he was offered Rs. 3 corers which he had declined. Later they contacted Shehla. The source of money received by Shehla and its purpose were unlawful. Even after his refusal Shelha joined them and asked him to be silent.

(Courtesy: ThePrint)

Shehla refused the charges

Shelha denied the allegations and took to Twitter. She tweeted ‘Many of you must have come across a video of my biological father making wild allegations against me, my mother and my sister. To keep it short and straight, he’s a wife-beater and an abusive, depraved man. We finally decided to act against him and this stunt is a reaction to that’.  There is a matter pending against him in the Court and these allegations are to take revenge. Ever since I came to senses, my father’s behaviour has been abusive’.(Even if we presume what Shelha is saying is true, it’s equally true that Shelha has not commented on the matter also. Although Shehla denies the allegations, the Central Government and J&K Police should investigate the matter. – Editor)

Abdul Rashid Shoura has been restrained by the Court from entering his home because of charges of domestic violence against him.