Wajid Khan’s Parsi Wife Kamalrukh Khan alleges her husband’s family of harassing her to convert to Islam

The wife of Wajid Khan supports antilove jihad law

Will the Bollywood film industry which boasts of being secular stand behind a minority Parsi woman persecuted by religiously fanatic family or display its hypocritical secularism ?

New Delhi – Bollywood music composer Wajid Khan from the famous Sajid-Wajid duo breathed his last on 1st June 2020 due to COVID-19 complications at a very early age of 42. The composer had multiple issues and was on the ventilator during his last days. While his family and loved ones are still finding it difficult to come in terms with the loss, his wife, Kamalrukh Khan penned down a lengthy note giving a first-hand account of inter-caste marriage.

Kamalrukh Khan took to her unofficial Instagram account and revealed that she was in a courtship with the late music composer for more than 10 years before tying the knot. She also penned down the difficulties she faces in an inter-caste marriage.

Her note read, “I am Parsi and he was Muslim. We were what you would call “college sweethearts”. Eventually, when we did get married, we married for love under the Special Marriages Act (an act that upholds the right to practice one’s own religion post-marriage). And this is why this current debate surrounding the anti-conversion bill is so interesting for me. I want to share my ordeal and my experience in an inter-caste marriage – that in this day and age, a woman can face such prejudice, suffering and discrimination in the name of religion is a complete shame…and an eyeopener.”

“My simple Parsi upbringing was very democratic in its value system. Independence of thought was encouraged and healthy debates were the norm. Education on all levels was encouraged. However, post marriage, this same independence, education and democratic value system was the biggest problem for my husband’s family. An educated, thinking, independent woman with an opinion was just not acceptable. And resisting the pressures of conversion was sacrilege. I have always respected, participated and celebrated all faiths. But my resistance to convert to Islam drastically widened the divide between me and my husband, making it toxic enough to destroy our relationship as husband and wife, and his ability to be a present father to our kids. My dignity and self-respect did not permit me to bend backwards for him and his family, by converting to Islam”, she added.

Kangana Ranaut’s question to the Prime Minister’s Office – ‘How are you protecting the minority Parsis ?’

Actress Kangana Ranaut has tweeted from Kamalrukh’s post and asked questions to the Prime Minister’s Office. “Kamalrukh is my friend’s widow and a Parsi woman,” she wrote. She is being harassed by her in-laws for conversion. I would like to ask the Prime Minister’s Office, how are you protecting those who do not pretend to be a minority, do not behead anyone, do not riot and proselytize ? The number of Parsis is already declining. The ones who enact dramas get the most benefits; however, those who deserve assistance and care get nothing. This needs to be considered.