‘India’s ban on Chinese apps is a violation of the WTO regulations’ – Misplaced accusations by China

  • China should clarify which regulations it is following by stealing Indian people’s data and keeping an eye on India under the pretext of apps.

  • China must never forget that India reserves all the rights to ban anything which poses threat to national security.

Beijing (China) – China has protested against the latest ban on its apps by India and has accused India of violating the WTO rules. The Chinese embassy spokesperson said that the issue of national security is being used as an excuse every now and then for banning the apps. China said it hoped that India would allow everybody to trade in its market impartially. India has banned a total of 268 Chinese apps since last few months.

While protesting India’s decision, Chinese spokesperson Ji Rong further said, “Chinese firms always abide by the international rules and operate in compliance with laws and regulations of countries. China and India represent opportunities for development for each other rather than threats. Both the sides should bring their bilateral financial and commercial ties on the appropriate track for mutual benefit and a win-win situation”. (Does China think that its earlier transgressions in Doklam and now in Ladakh were a part of this  mutual benefit and a win-win situation ? – Editor)