Trump administration refuses to handover the power despite poll defeat

Apparently Trump has not learnt the lesson from the poll defeat due to his dictatorial and autocratic regime !

Washington (US) – The Trump administration has refused to hand over the power to President-elect Joe Biden’s team after defeat in Presidential elections. This team will work on important policies until the end of Trump’s term in office, that is till 20th January 2021.

The transition team is formed by the winning candidate of the presidential election. This team is given space in each and every federal office. The team then facilitates all the essentials for the governance of an ensuing government and this process is also allotted some budget. Currently, the budget allotted is $10 million dollars (roughly around Rs. 74 crore and 25 lakhs). Biden’s team had reached out to Trump administration on 9th November; however, Trump administration refused to sign the handover document.

Biden’s transition team, on the other hand, began to roll out plans for fighting Covid pandemic by forming a task force headed by Indian-American Vivek Murthy.