Plight of Hindus in Nuh, Mewat : Petition filed in the SC against conversion and crimes against Hindus                                                

 Demand to institute inquiry through SIT into incidents of rape, conversion and displacing of Hindus

Although the BJP Government is ruling Haryana, Hindus are insecure. Considering the present plight of Hindus, Hindus expect that BJP Government should take urgent steps to alleviate the problems of Hindus.

Mewat (Haryana) – Claiming that the dominant members of the Muslim community in the Nuh District of Haryana have overpowered Hindus of the area, a plea has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking protection of the fundamental rights of the latter.

The petition filed by a group of lawyers and activists through Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain states that the right to life and personal liberty, and religious rights of the Hindus of the area are being “eroded by members of Muslim community who are in dominating position and the State Government as well as District Administration.” The plea states that the local police has failed to exercise the powers vested in them by law, due to which the life and liberty of every Hindu are in jeopardy.

The petition avers that Muslims under the patronage of the Tablighi Jamaat have gradually increased their strength and now the position is that Hindus Population is decreasing and it has come down from 20% to 10-11% since the last census 2011.”The plea goes on to state,

“Several Hindus have been forcibly converted to Islam and a number of Hindu women and minor girls have been abducted and raped. Hindu women are not safe at all. The Muslims at a large number have committed atrocities on members of Schedule caste.”

The plea relies on a 31st May 2020 report by a four-member committee which visited the area, took evidence from several villagers, and submitted a copy to the Chief Minister of Haryana. It is averred that there are about 431 villages in Mewat-Nuh, out of which 103 villages have become totally devoid of Hindus. In 82 villages, only 4-5 Hindu families are left,” reads the plea.

Claiming several instances of forceful conversion or “atrocities on Hindus”, the petition raises the following questions, among others:

1. Whether Central Government is under Constitutional obligation to deploy Armed Force/Paramilitary force to protect the District Mewat Nuh from an internal disturbance in the exercise of the powers vested in it under Article 355 of the Constitution of India?

2. Whether the State Government and all the officers working under it are under constitutional obligation to maintain public order taking the recourse of law ?

It is further stated that the State of Haryana failed to “disclose the facts of various FIRs and complaints of various heinous crimes, lodged by Hindus against Muslims for their tortures and atrocities committed on them, leave apart taking any action on the said FIRs or complaints.”

Stating that anti-national elements are very active in Mewat, the petitioners claim that the State is not “taking interest to look into the miseries of the citizens residing in District Mewat-Nuh and they are bound to lead a life of an animal.”

The petition thus prays for an SIT consisting of members of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA), monitored by a retired Supreme Court judge, to look into the aspect of forceful conversion, rape of Hindu women, minor girls, and illegal encroachment of properties.

The Court has also been urged to nullify all sale deeds executed by Hindus in favour of Muslims in last 10 years under coercion and undue influence.