Massive protest by Muslims against French President in Bhopal

Police have booked protestors for violating covid restrictions, Protest was staged by Congress MLA

  • Hindus, who turn a blind eye towards the assaults on Dharma in their own country should learn unity from the Muslims who gather in a huge number  when any action against jihad is being taken even on foreign soil !
  • Hindus do not expect such a vast gathering for the protest in a State ruled by the BJP. How would Hindus have been protected, had these fanatics attacked them?

Bhopal (M.P.) – Massive protest meeting was held by the Muslim community in Bhopal against the alleged statement of French President Emmanuel Macron regarding prophet Mohammed. Subsequently, the protestors were booked by the Police. The protest took place on Iqbal Maidan and was organised by the Congress MLA Arif Masood of Bhopal Central constituency. (Has Masood ever staged a protest against the jihadi terrorism in India ? Has he ever protested the Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India ? Will the secularists show the courage to ask such questions to Masood ? – Editor) The Police have booked the protestors for violating covid restrictions. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has posted a video of this protest with a comment indicating the situation as frightening.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh is a peaceful region and such actions will not be tolerated, adding that stringent action will be taken against the perpetrators. (People of India expect CM to arrest the Congress MLA and put him behind the bars ! – Editor)