Religious fanatics vandalise Idol of Shri Durgadevi in Navaratri itself

  • Do the so-called secularists, progressives and Pakistan-lovers not notice these attacks on Hindus who are in the minority in Pakistan ? If a single stone is thrown at the places of worships of the minority communities in India even by mistake, those who immediately call Hindus as ‘Talibani’ keep mum about such incidents !
  • Islamic countries make a fuss of atrocities on Muslims in India and seek an explanation from Indian Government in this regard. Now India should also call those countries to account for the atrocities on Hindus in their countries !  
(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration)

New Delhi – Religious fanatics vandalised Idol of Sinhvahini Shri Durgadevi at Nagarparkar area of Tharparkar town in Sindh Province of Pakistan. Dr. Rekha Maheshwari from Pakistan has shared the images of vandalised Idol on Twitter and informed about the incident. She stated in her post that, ‘we celebrate Navaratri peacefully; however, some religious fanatics do not like that. They vandalised Idol of Shri Durgadevi at Nagarparkar. Pakistan belongs to everyone and you have to accept that. Such actions must stop. This hurts our religious sentiments.’

Arif Ajakia, former Mayor of Karachi re-tweeted Dr. Rekha’s tweet and said ‘if a single Mosque is demolished in India secularists shed crocodile tears; however, they are silent even after thousands of Hindu Temples are vandalised in Pakistan’. Poonjo Bheel, Special Assistant to the Sindh Chief Minister expressed sorrow about this incident and mentioned that he has spoken to Special Superintendent Police (SSP) for holding an inquiry in the matter.

Earlier the similar incident of vandalising a Hindu Temple had occurred on 10th October in Kediyu Ghanaur City of Badin District of Sindh Province. Muhammad Ismail Shaidi was arrested in this case.