Chinese espionage reached even to the PMO

  • Intelligence agencies are not even aware of spies of enemy nation have reached even the PMO ! It is a big failure for the Intelligence agencies !
  • When PMO is unsafe from spies, imagine what will be the security of average citizens !

Patna (Bihar) – It has been revealed through the investigation that Chinese espionage agents were on the mission of monitoring the Prime Minister’s office, Dalai Lama and Indian security equipment.  They were tasked to gather details of top officials who were working in important ministries.

Investigation of Chinese espionage Qing Shi reveals –

China had tasked a team of Indian spies to gather internal information from important Ministries including PM’s office. This included, who is an important person from the office ?, who is working on which post ?, and how influencial he is ?.

Team of Chinese espionage team included a prime Monk from Mahabodhi Temple and a woman from Kolkata. Qing Shi was introduced to this woman. She used to give Qing Shi important documents which Qing would later send to China.

(Courtesy – ABP News)

A special cell of Delhi Police had arrested an Indian journalist Rajeev Sharma along with Qing Shi and her Nepalese associate Sher Bahadur. Some documents were recovered during their investigation and information related to all the programmes of an official from PM’s office and Dalai Lama.

Qing Shi used to get remuneration of Rs. 1 lakh per month for spying in India. The rent of the house where she used to live in South Delhi was Rs. 50000/month. It is being investigated who was paying this rent.