‘RSS will start a violent campaign regarding Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi – Divisive statement by Asaduddin Owaisi

Why Owaisi does not tell who have demolished the thousands of Hindu temples ? Who killed Hindus after the demolition of the Babri structure ? Who made violent attacks on hundreds of Hindu temples in Kashmir in the decade of 1990 ? Why Owaisi does not answer these fundamental questions ?

Hyderabad (Telangana) – ‘Our worst fears are coming true. The decision regarding the Babri strengthened the resolve of the RSS. If we fall in deep sleep, the RSS will commence a violent campaign and the Congress party will go hand in hand with them’, AIMIM Chairman Assaddudin Owaisi spits out the venomous twit while addressing the Muslims. The District Magistrate in Mathura admitted the case of a land dispute regarding the Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi. Assaddudin Owaisi Twitted after the case admitted in the court.