‘We will take back what Delhi has snatched’ ! – Treasonous statement by Mehbooba Mufti

  • Religious fanatic Mehbooba Mufti warns Modi Government and provokes religious fanatics
  • Mufti released from detention after 14 months Demands to restore abrogated Article 370
  • Mehbooba Mufti’s threat is a direct challenge to law and order itself. Such leaders should be imprisoned for life instead of just house-arrest.
  • Is calling decision approved by the majority in the Parliament illegal not an insult of democracy ? The Government should take strict action against Mufti !

Srinagar (J & K) – Jammu Kashmir’s former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti warned the Modi Government and provoked religious fanatics with the statement, ‘We will take back what Delhi has snatched from us’.

Mufti was under detention after Article 370 was abrogated from Jammu & Kashmir. She was released on 13th October after 14 months of her detention. After her release, she published her video making above poisonous statement. She added, “The decision made on a black day- 5th August 2019 attacked my heart severely. People from Jammu and Kashmir must be going through a similar condition. The public will not forget the insult of the people made by this Government. We will now have to resolve that what was illegally snatched from us on 5th August by Delhi should be taken back. The public will fight together against this illegal decision and work unitedly to nullify the aspects, which led to the death of thousands. This struggle is not easy. I demand that all other arrested citizens of Jammu and Kashmir should be released along with me.’