Rapes will stop only if girls imbibe good sanskars : BJP MLA Surendra Singh’s shocking statement

  • Rapes take place due to lust in men. Therefore, not just girls but men should also imbibe good sanskars.
  • Even though parents are responsible for sanskars on their children, still maintaining law and order and protecting girls is Government’s responsibility. Why don’t these people’s representatives realise this ? Or are they shrugging off their responsibilities ?
  • All rulers are responsible for not teaching spiritual practice to the public which has led to lack of moral values in society.

Lucknow (U.P.) – BJP MLA Surendra Singh made a shocking statement that parents are responsible for not teaching their young girls good sanskars, and provide them good environment for it to happen. Incidents like rape can be stopped only with good sanskars. Neither Government nor a sword can stop it. (During Ramrajya, such incidents never happened because Shriram was the ruler. Now, there is no one like Shriram, that is why society lacks moral values and such incidents cannot be stopped. Such incidents will be stopped in Hindu Rashtra only. – Editor)

Surendra Singh added, “It is everyone’s duty to teach girls good sanskars. It is my duty, as well as that of the Government; but it is also the duty of parents. (Singh should first speak about the people’s representatives following their Dharma [duty] ? – Editor) While the Government’s duty is to protect, it is the parent’s duty to give good sanskars to children. Together, Government and good sanskars can make the country beautiful”.