Experiences while propagating Dharma are an important part of samashti sadhana of seekers in Prasar; hence, send your experiences from time to time

  Important instruction to seekers

1. The importance of sending good, bad or other experiences during the propagation of Dharma and the reasons thereof

A. The experiences sent by you can be published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. through which it will be possible to reach maximum seekers and society all over India.

B. Good response is being received from society while propagating Dharma or after implementing a novel activity. After others read this response, they too will be motivated to act in a similar manner.

C. If any complementary event takes place on reading it, the enthusiasm of those who work for propagating Dharma in other places increases.

D. If any incident of opposition or bad experience is faced while propagating Dharma, it can be published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ to create awareness in society.

E. Those who work to propagate Dharma elsewhere will also benefit by reading aspects at an experimental level and get direction to work, as well as eliminate their doubts.

F. By sending the script we write or present new topics according to local needs for propagation, it can also be used for speeches by others working across India. Therefore, the time of seekers in other places to write scripts will be saved. Availability of a script will make it possible for seekers in other places to present topics in their area.

G. Writing down good and bad experiences of a new mission for Dharma can be studied in the context of the respective programme and a revised strategy can be adopted.

H. Some selected writings sent by you can also be included in Texts related to propagation of Dharma and samashti sadhana. These Texts can also be used by future generations.

I. The mission of propagation by seekers is limited to a geographical area; however, their writings on it will be useful for seekers all over India. Therefore, the sadhana of abovementioned writing is more important than samashti seva of Dharmaprasar.

While it is so important to write down the good, bad or other experiences had while propagating Dharma, seekers involved should introspect seriously about why this kind of seva is not being performed by them.

2. Those who do not send articles related to the propagation of Dharma should take action as given ahead

A. Plan to write all the good, bad or other experiences that have not been sent so far, as well as scripts on priority within a time limit. The responsible seekers should be informed about your planning in this regard.

B. The seekers who do not follow the above suggestion should take atonement.

C. There is little seriousness even among responsible seekers in Prasar. They get various experiences every day. For this, they should take the following autosuggestion – ‘Whenever I come across a special experience, response or aspect in the seva of propagation, I will become aware that I should write and sending it on the same day, as well as submit the review to the responsible seekers’.

D. Even in the regular satsangs in Prasar, the responsible seekers should take a review of the seekers in the above context.

E. If some experiences or incidents related to propagation are received from other seekers, and they are found to be beneficial in terms of propagation or awakening, then the concerned seeker should be asked to send his experience further. If the concerned seekers do not have the ability, the responsible seekers themselves should plan to send it. The writing should be sent from the District in the usual manner mentioning the name, contact number, etc.

Realise the importance of sending experiences in Dharmaprasar seva, and complete the seva to perfection by sending experiences from time to time.