5.1 million cases pending before High Courts, 34.47 million before subordinate courts : Centre

 Such a situation has been created since the rulers so far have not given any thought to clearing all the cases as soon as possible.

New Delhi – There are over 5 million cases pending before the High Courts across the country as on 16th September 2020, it was disclosed in the Parliament 21.9.2020. .

The Allahabad High Court tops the list with a pendency of 7,46,677 cases. This is followed by the High Courts of Punjab and Haryana (6,07,069 cases), Madras (5,70,282 cases), Rajasthan (5,07,749 cases) and Madhya Pradesh (3,75,630 cases). The total tally of pending cases across 25 High Courts stands at 51,52,921 cases, of which 36,77,089 are civil cases and 14,75,832 are criminal cases.

Information on the case pendency before subordinate Courts across various Districts in India was provided 21.9.2020. As on 16th September 2020, there are over 34 million cases pending before the District and subordinate Courts in India. Of these 94,49,268 are pending civil cases, whereas 2,50,53,800 are criminal cases.