Rs. 1,350 crore rupees economic package announced for Jammu- Kashmir

50 % of electricity bill waived off

  • Does ever any other State receive such package or concession in electricity bill ? Special status of Jammu- Kashmir has been removed, but when will such special provisions stop ?
  • Since this is public money, the public should know what is the output of crores of rupees spent on Jammu- Kashmir State since Independence !
Manoj Sinha

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) – Manoj Sinha, Deputy Governor of Jammu – Kashmir Union Territory announced a Rs. 1,350- crore economic package to help the trader and small businesses affected by the Corona pandemic, and to promote tourism.

The Union Territory will be waived off up to 50 % on the fixed charges of electricity and water bill for one year, while stamp duty will be exempt till March 2021. Mr. Sinha made it clear that this package is different from the ‘Swavlamban Scheme’ of Central Government. Borrowers in the State will get 5 % interest subvention on loan for the next 6 months. Traders associated with the handlooms and handicrafts sector will have 7%  subvention and an enhanced credit of Rs. 2 lakh (from Rs. 1 lakh) under credit card scheme.

This package is just a drop in the ocean ! – Apani Party

Apani Party should tell what positive difference the donation of lakhs of rupees has made to the state of Kashmir till now ! How many citizens in Kashmir pay tax ? Why this information is not revealed to the public ?

Altaf Bukhari, president of Apni Party while criticising this package said this package is just a drop in the ocean. Bigger package is required to revive the economy of this State. Bukhari further added that the State has suffered loss of more than 40,000 crores.