‘Dehradun and Nainital are a part of Nepal’ – Claims Nepal

If no lesson is taught to the ruling Communist Party of Nepal which is dancing to China’s tunes then that would become  a severe headache to India. Considering this danger, the Government should take immediate proper action to knock down this party ! 

Kathmandu (Nepal) – Nepal has claimed that the Dehradun and Nainital regions of Uttarakhand State of India are parts of Nepal. The Communist Party ruling in Nepal has launched a campaign named ‘Greater Nepal’ along with the organisation Unified Nepal National Front under which some parts of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Sikkim along with Dehradun and Nainital have been claimed as part of Nepal.

For baseless and misleading concept of ‘Greater Nepal’ Nepal is taking support of the map of Nepal before Sugauli Treaty, signed in the year 1816. Nepal is constantly creating confusion in the minds of Nepalese and this campaign is being supported by Pakistan. Pakistanis are supporting ‘Greater Nepal YouTube Channel’.